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Waterford Neighborhoods - Oswegatchie

The Oswegatchie Historic District is located on a sandy promontory of land located along the western border of Waterford between the mouth of the Niantic River and Keeney Cove. The layout of the streets in the Oswegatchie Historic District, which mostly border the water and the vast swathes of open space located at its center together form a U-shaped district.

The majority of the significant properties in this former resort area are predictably located along the water's edge. The main route that leads to Oswegatchie is Route 1A (The Boston Post Road), which connects to Oswegatchie Road, the principle north-south, and east-west thoroughfare in the district. The terrain of the area is characterized by level ground with a gentle rise located at the center of the U-shaped district.

The western side of the Oswegatchie Historic District begins at the intersection of Riverside Drive and East Street. The district then follows the shore line south and includes properties along Riverside, Plant and Park Drives as it then turns east to cross the point. It then continues north along Shawandassee Road and west along Oswegatchie Road to just before the crossing of Stony Brook as it feeds into Keeney Cove.

Throughout the Oswegatchie Historic District, the streets retain the same layout seen in maps of Oswegatchie dating from 1899.

The properties include 51 parcels containing 106 buildings and structures, of which 71 (67 percent) contribute to the district's architectural significance. Of the 51 parcels, 50 are residential and one is a church. The non-contributing resources include residential structures that have been significantly altered, were built after 1950 or are modern auxiliary structures such as garages and sheds.

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